Comparing Instagram vs Aviary

What’s better, Instagram or Aviary?

With all the free editing photo applications for your smart phones and tablets, choosing the right one may be difficult.  Since we’ve discussed tutorials on both, Instagram and Aviary, it’s time to weigh the pros and cons!

1. Editing Features

And the winner goes to… AVIARY!

Without a doubt, Aviary outshines Instagram with its variety of editing options.  While Instagram offers a few editing options, Aviary allows you to edit your photo step by step, and in different degrees.  Both apps give you the ability to crop, flip, and rotate.  Additionally, they give you the ability to add borders, blur/focus areas of your picture, and choose from different FX filters.  Besides adding contrast to your photo, that’s really all Instagram has to offer.

On the other hand, Aviary gives you the ability to enhance your picture with the ability to make it HD, illuminate, and even fix colors.  Aviary gives you an “Adjust” option.  This allows you to edit your photos with different features, such as brightness, contrast, warmth, and saturation.  Additionally, each one of these “Adjust” preferences, gives you a sliding bar to change the degree of intensity.  So while Instagram allows you to add contrast, Aviary lets you add contrast and adjust it to the precise amount you desire.  Other features offered by Aviary (and not Instagram) include changing the degree of sharpness in your photo, choosing specific layout ratios, fixing redeyes, whitening teeth, and even the option to rid of blemishes!

Wait, there’s more!!  Aviary has even more features that allow you to add fun to your photo, like the option “Splash”. It’s one of my favorite preferences, and from what I have found, Aviary is the only FREE app that offers this!  This feature allows you to choose where you want color placed on your photo, and keeps the rest of your image black and white!  Learn how to use Splash. Aviary gives you the ability to draw on your photo with different size lines and colors.  You can add text in different sizes and colors, too!  Finally, Aviary gives you the opportunity to make your photo into a meme! Don’t forget to add stickers to your picture in Aviary!!

2. Sharing Tools

It’s close, but Aviary comes out on top again!

Instagram and Aviary give you the ability to share your pictures on your other social media.  Both apps offer sharing capabilities with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr… but that’s where it stops for Instagram!  With just the tap of one button, Aviary actually gives you the option to email your photo to your friends and colleagues.  This is great for those who do not use any type of social media, but still access their email account!

Do you have a photo that you edited with Aviary, but still want to share on Instagram? Don’t worry, Aviary has a share button for your Instagram too!  Did these programmers think of everything, or what!? :)

3. Social Media

Aviary can’t be a champion at everything!  The winner here is INSTAGRAM!

It’s quite simple to explain why Instagram is a better social media than Aviary.  Instagram IS a social media, Aviary is not!  Instagram has been gaining popularity with all generations, and continues to do so.  As of today, Instagram’s stats are as follows: 130 Million monthly active users, 16 Billion photos shared, 1 Billion “likes” a day, 45 Million photos per day. Phew!  That’s a lot!

Remember though, if you are editing a photo solely with Instagram, you have no choice in publishing it.   You cannot simply save your edited photo within your phone’s camera roll.  You have to publish your picture, which makes it public, then Instagram will save it on your phone.

4. Ease of Navigation

Due to the fact that Instagram is a social network, it’s going to be more difficult to navigate.  This is because you have so many more options when setting up your membership profile, looking at other members’ profiles, searching for users and trends, etc.  I must admit, for a social media, Instagram is extremely easy to navigate!  On the other hand, we have to remember we are comparing Instagram to Aviary.  Aviary is not a social media, you have less options (not when it comes to editing photos), so it is less confusing.

My final word, if you want to share your photo on social media download Instagram!  It’s one of the top networking devices!

5. Quirks

The “Apply” option on Aviary, dreadful or useful?  We’ll let you decide…

Within every option on Aviary, there is an “apply” button in the top right hand corner.  What’s up with that?  In Instagram, if you make changes on your photo under one option, then click on another option, it automatically saves those changes!  Aviary, no way…  But let’s look at the glass half full here, when discussing Aviary’s notorious “apply” button:


  • If you do not like the most recent change you edited on your photo, don’t hit the apply!  And it won’t save!
  • Want to make a certain preference extreme on your photo?  For example, contrast.  Add as much contrast as the editing option will let you, and hit “apply”.  Go back into this option, and you can add contrast again, then hit “apply”. You have the ability to do this over, and over, and over…!
  • Just as you can apply different degrees of contrast, brighten, color, etc… You can do the same with any other features: teeth whiten, FX filters, HD, Illuminate, etc.  Seriously, any feature and as much as you want!!  Instagram does no allow you to do this.


  • It can be quite tedious hitting “apply” after every change you make on your photo.
  • The most frustrating downfall of having to hit Aviary’s “apply” button, is when you actually forget to hit “apply”!  It can be pretty annoying if you spend a significant amount of time editing your photo, just to go back to the main editing screen and lose all your hard work you put into it!!
  • The more I use Aviary, the more it becomes a habit of hitting the “apply” button, which could be a beneficial routine when editing photos.  The downfall of getting into this pattern, is hitting “apply” to save changes you may not have wanted.  If this happens, and you’ve made a bundle of other changes you actually like, you’ll have to start all over editing your original photo.

6. Who Gets the Overall Win?

The overall winner goes to the individual that downloads and uses both apps!  Aviary gives you way more editing features.  Instagram is a social network, that Aviary let’s you share your photo on.  So, the ideal solution is to edit your photo with Aviary, then post it on Instagram!  If you only want to edit pictures and keep them offline; the answer is clear.  Only download the Aviary app!  If your desire is to edit and share photos, download both of the applications!  Even though Aviary allows you to post on multiple social media, Instagram is a network used by many!  To share your awesome pictures with the public, you’ll want to post your photos on Instagram!

Editing Photos on Aviary, Part IV

We’re down to discussing the last four editing buttons (located below*) that Aviary has to offer!

Day 4 Aviary Editing Features


The editing features of Redeye, Whiten, and Blemish edit in the same way.  The way to use these features are described under the Redeye section.

1. Redeye

This option allows you to fix “red eyes” in your picture.  Red eyes typically appear in photos as a result of the flash being too close to the camera lens, and dim lighting. After opening this feature (same with Whiten and Blemish), you will have a selection of different sized circles.  Try to choose the correct size for the eye(s) you are trying to fix.  If the circles are too big for the eye(s) you are trying to fix, you have the ability to zoom in with the magnifying glass located in the right hand corner of the picture.  This will make your eye(s) bigger and give you the ability to use some of the circles!

2. Whiten

Whiten works exactly the same as Redeye, only Whiten is for teeth!

3. Blemish

Again, the Blemish feature works like the two editing options listed above.  This preference allows you to “air brush” areas within your photo.  For example, if someone has a blemish on their face, that they do not want to show in the picture, you can use this feature to cover it up!  It will mix/blend in the surrounding colors, wherever you tap within your photo.  This can work for almost anything! I’ve even used it to cover up spills/stains that are distinctive on T-shirts, pants, etc.

4. Meme

Meme’s are the pictures, that typically have the white wording on the top and bottom of the photo.  They are usually funny remarks about the picture, just to give your audience a little laugh!  This feature is simple to use.  Tap the two boxes, either labeled top or bottom, and add the captions you desire for the top and bottom!  They will automatically use the “typical meme” font, size, color, and center it.  This is how all memes are to be displayed.  If you do not like the look of your caption, remember you can always add regular text to your photo!


Thanks for reading!  Let us know what application for your phone you want to learn about!  Comment below, or visit our Facebook.

*Photo above is a screenshot taken within the Aviary app.  All rights belong to Aviary.

Editing Photos on Aviary, Part III

We hope you had a great Labor Day weekend!  We’re excited you came back to learn more on Aviary’s editing features!  The next four options are pictured below*, so let’s get to it!

Day 3 Aviary editing features


1. Sharpness

The sharpness feature is easy and simple to use.  You can modify this option the same way you worked with the “Adjust” option. After opening this feature, drag the white circle to the left or right.  The further left you go, the natural outlines within your photo will start to become less apparent.  Sometimes, if you drag the circle all the way to the left, your photo may even become blurry.  As you would expect, the further you drag the white circle to the right, the sharper your image will appear.  It will pull out more outlines of shapes/lines/spots/etc. within your photo.  Once you are satisfied, hit apply!

2. Splash

This is the coolest feature on Aviary!  When you open this option, you will notice your photo has now turned completely black & white.  Don’t fret!  This option lets you “color in” the areas you want to display color, while leaving the rest of your photo black and white.  You’ll have three options to use, within Splash.

  • Free Color- With Free Color, wherever you touch the photo, that area will now be in color.
  • Smart Color- Smart color will try to distinguish where you do or do not want color within the area you are tapping.  Unfortunately, this feature does not work as well as I would like it to.
  • Eraser- Finally, the eraser option will “erase” color from an area if you made a mistake.

Also, there will be a magnifying glass located in the bottom right hand of your picture.  Tap this to zoom in and move around.  This will help you with finer details in certain pictures.  Just make sure that once you’re zoomed in on the spot you want, tap the magnifying glass again, and choose one of the three options above to edit your photo.

3. Draw

You can draw on your photo by tapping on this button!  It gives you a range of sizes and colors to use within this option. Don’t worry if you make a mistake! You can either erase something you drew with the “eraser” under this option.  Or exit the draw screen all together, without hitting apply, to have the picture appear how it did before you opened the draw feature.  Again, you will have the magnifying glass on the bottom right hand side of your picture.  Use this feature to zoom into your photo, to add great detail.

4. Text

The last option we will be discussing today is the Text feature.  If you want to add text to your photo, tap this button.  When the screen opens, you will be asked to type in the text you want to appear on your picture.  Hit “Finished” after completing your desired text.  You can now choose from an array of colors to apply to the wording you have entered.  You have the ability to move the box, in which you typed in, any where on your photo.

Furthermore, there will be a white arrow located at the bottom of the text box, too.  This arrow can be used for two different options.  First, you can push or pull the arrow to and away from the text box.  If you push the arrow towards your words, this will make the lettering smaller.  Pulling the arrow away from the box, will make your text bigger!!  Second, you have the ability to tilt and rotate the message on your photo… Just hold onto the arrow button, and  drag your finger in a clockwise or counter clockwise motion.  You can tilt, or completely turn your words upside down by doing this!

Questions?  Comments?  Leave ‘em below!  Message us on Facebook!

*Above photo is a screenshot taken from the Aviary app.  All rights are owned by Aviary.

Editing Photos on Aviary, Part II

Welcome back!  Let’s jump into the next few editing features on Aviary.  Below is a picture* of the next four editing items we’ll discuss!

Editing Buttons

Day 2 Aviary editing features

1. Orientation

This feature lets you rotate, flip, and even skew your photo.  You can rotate your photo by 90 degrees, each tap, to the left or to the right.  You can also flip your photo from top to bottom or left to right, again just one tap for each.  You can adjust the angles of your photo by dragging the circle with two diverted arrows, from left to right.  This feature is also a feature I have not used on any other app, except Aviary!

2. Focus

Tap on the focus feature!  This allows you to focus on a certain area on your picture, and it will blur everything else out.  You can zoom in and out with this feature.  This allows you to choose how large/small your focus area is, and how small/large your blurred area is.  Additionally, Aviary gives you the option to choose which shape focus you have: circle or square.  After you are satified, make sure you hit apply!

3. Crop

This is a great cropping tool.  Definitely the best I have seen on a free photo app!  It allows you to make a custom crop or a square crop.  The custom crop lets you make it any size and shape.  The square crop, will stay in the shape of a perfect square.  They even have ratios/dimensions that are PERFECT for printing pictures!  The ratios that are available in Aviary are 3:4, 4:6, 5:7, 8:10, and 9:16.  Zoom in and out, chose the crop size you want, and hit apply!!

4. Adjust*

aviary part 2- adjust 1

aviary bright*Brightness- The white circle above will always be centered when you first tap on the brightness option.  Move the circle to darken (to left) or to brighten (to right) to adjust this preference.  Always remember to hit apply!  Then you can even take it another step further and “re-darken” or “re-brighten” your photo.


aviary contrast*Contrast- Use the white circle again to adjust your contrast after tapping on this feature.  Move the circle to the left, to make your image less sharp, or move it to the right to sharpen the features in your image!


aviary warmth*Warmth- This feature is adjusted just like the ones above!  If you move the circle to the left, your picture will start to pull out the green and blue hues.  It’ll display a nice “cool” feeling on your photo.  If you move the circle to the right, your picture will display a more “warm” feeling, by pulling out the red and orange tones in your image.

aviary saturation*Color- Adjust this feature like you would the others.  If you move the circle to the left, you’ll find the colors will start to be pulled from your picture.  If you move it all the way to the left, your photo will become completely black and white.  Moving the circle to the right will display move vibrant colors on your photo.  Sometimes, I find if moving the circle all the way to the right on this feature, the picture can look a little funky.  It all depends on the look you are trying to accomplish though!

*Pictures are screenshots from the Aviary app.  All rights belong to Aviary.


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