Pic Stitch: A Few More Features

Here’s a few more helpful hints to using Pic Stitch!

1. Layout

Pic Stitch Layout Option


Choose the right layout for your collage!  Pic Stitch will align your photos properly, after choosing the new layout!  You have the ability to choose 1 x 1 (Square) 4 x 6 or 6 x 4 (Most common picture size used).  Pic Stitch offers the above listed layout sizes and more! This is great because you can print you collage out, and have it fill the entire size of your printed picture!  You can also send collages from your Pic Stitch app, straight to Walgreen’s to be printed!  We’ll discuss that feature under the exporting section.
*Picture above is a screenshot taken from the Pic Stitch application.


2. Color

Pic Stitch Color Option


Pic Stitch gives you the ability to change the color of each picture, one by one!  This is helpful when you’re short on time and cannot use the Aviary editor.  There are only three options offered by Pic Stitch in the color section.  The first one brightens your picture.  The second color option, basically makes your photo have a sepia feel.  Finally the last color option, simply changes your picture to black and white.  So, if you’re in a hurry, but still want your pictures to have a different feel within your collage, I recommend using the color option!
*Picture above is a screenshot taken from the Pic Stitch application.

3. Export

Pic Stitch gives you the ability to export your collage to different types of social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Path.  Additionally, you can email your picture to anyone and everyone! Or simply save it to your person photo album on your phone and message it to your friends and colleagues! But the coolest feature is the ability to send it  to your local Walgreen’s, to have them print it out!

Yesterday, I went on a bike ride.  I took a picture of the mountains, then edited the same picture two different times with Aviary.  Below, I have used Pic Stitch to compare the two different edits I have made!!  Enjoy!

Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch: Tips to Collage Production

We want to share with you some awesome features and tips on the free app, Pic Stitch!  Check out the collage we made after visiting our local SPCA!  The Cattaraugus County SPCA has a variety of adoptable cats and dogs, all looking for a home!  Here are some that are waiting for you TODAY!

Adopt us!  At the Cattaraugus County SPCA!

Adopt us! At the Cattaraugus County SPCA!

Choosing a Layout

When you first open Pic Stitch, you have over 70 layouts to choose from!  So, if you have pictures in mind that you want to use pick out the layout you believe would fit best.  If you’re unsure or do not know which picture you will use yet, just pick a random one!  One of the benefits of Pic Stitch is the ability to change layouts, without losing your pictures you’ve been working on!  In addition, you can always swap out pictures if you decide one may be better than the other!

Adding & Manipulating Pictures

Once you have chosen your layout, add some pictures!!  Double tap on a single frame within your layout to have the option of choosing a picture from your camera roll, taking a picture with your phone’s camera, grab a picture from Facebook, or even import one from Dropbox!

After choosing a picture for one frame, the Aviary editor will show up and allow you to edit your picture!  Click here to read our tutorials on how to use the Aviary Editor.  Edit your picture in Aviary, and click “done” when you are finished.  You will now see your edited photo in the selected frame.

Place and hold one finger on this frame.  You will notice a screen pop up, like below.  (We were editing a picture of an adoptable cat at the Cattaraugus County SPCA.)  Once you are in this screen, it’s easier to zoom in and out of your picture.  It also lets you move your picture within the frame, so it displays your photo exactly how you want it to be.  Single tap to exit this screen, once you are satisfied!

SPCA Adoptable

“I’m currently waiting for a loving home at the Cattaraugus County SPCA” -Don Juan

Come back tomorrow to learn about the different aspects and colors Pic Stitch has to offer!  We’ll also inform you on how to export a newly made collage!

Collage with Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch is a collage photo editor that allows you to make a collage.  It’s easy to learn how to use, and provides a lot of sharing opportunities!  Below, we made a collage of some of the adoptables at the Cattaraugus County SPCA.

Cats & Dogs up for Adoption at the Catt. County SPCA

Starting top-left, Clockwise: Scarlette, Travis, Tinker Tom, and Rock

So, what’s awesome about Pic Stitch??

1. The Layouts

Screenshot from Pic Stitch

Screenshot from Pic Stitch


The free Pic Stitch version offers you over 70 layouts!! Even the free Pic Stitch is enough to get the job done!!  You can produce a collage that contains anywhere from two to six pictures!  To the left is a sample of some of the layouts you can choose from.  It’s no wonder Pic Stitch has over 500,000 users!




2. Importing & Editing

Once you’ve picked your layout, and have a few photos in mind… It’s time to upload them to the appropriate section in your layout!! This is where Pic Stitch really steps it up a notch!  Not only can you upload your pictures from your phone’s photo album, but you can even take different pictures with your camera at that very moment! And you can import pictures from your Facebook or Dropbox!! 

In addition, Pic Stitch syncs with Aviary, so you are able to edit each photo, one-by-one!  Click Here to be refreshed on how to use Aviary.

3. Exporting & Sharing

Getting the word out about your business or non-profit organization, is sometimes difficult!  The fact that Pic Stitch gives you an option to share is AWESOME!  You can export or share your Pic Stitch collage with the following: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Path, Email, your personal photo album, and/or even send your collage to Walgreens to have it printed!!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for details on how to insert, position and edit pictures on your Pic Stitch Collage!  Below are a few more adoptables at the Cattaraugus County SPCA!


Check out Aviary!!

Aviary is another photo app for your smartphone that we highly recommend checking out!  It’s easy to use, really fun, and makes your pictures pop just the way you want them!!  After you download the Aviary app, read below.  We’re here to help you navigate around your home screen and share screen in Aviary.

Your Home Screen

Screen Shot Aviary's Home Page

To the right, you will see a picture of what your home screen* should look like!  The three buttons on the bottom are listed below.

1. Camera

Tap your camera button.  You’ll then be able to take a picture directly within the Aviary app!  This camera will work just like the one that came with your smartphone. You have the ability to focus, turn your flash on/off/auto, and flip between which camera view you use (front of your phone or back of your phone).

I would only recommend using this feature if you have your Aviary app open and you want to take a picture IMMEDIATELY.  Otherwise, using the camera that came with your phone will give you a lot more options.

2. Edit This Photo

This option is what Aviary’s home screen will automatically display.  It shows your latest photo in your camera roll (mine being the scenic view with the fence).  You can swipe left to right to view other photos in your camera roll.  Then click the “edit this photo” button after you decide what photo you want to edit!  (We’ll post more about editing photos on Wednesday.)

3. Albums

If you have different albums on your phone, this allows you to switch between the different ones to find the photo you are looking for.


Your Share Screen

AviaryShareScreenThe screenshot* to our left, is the screen that appears if you decide to share your picture!  FYI: If you hit the “share” button before you actually edit your photo, it will share the unedited version. Let’s work our way through the buttons!

1. Instagram

Pat yourself on the back for reading our Instagram tutorials!!  Now, if you tap on the Instagram button, you’ll be able to further your editing in Instagram.  (That is if you want to)… Or just post it how it is!  This option will only work if you have the Instagram app downloaded.

2. Email

Just tap the email button.  It’ll pull up an email message containing your photo, and you can personalize your message.  Then just add your recipients and send, send, send!  Note:  This option will not work if you do not have your email account synced with your phone.

3. Share this photo

You can tap inside this section and actually write a nice little description about your photo! You have a limit of 120 characters.  You can remove the #Aviary to gain 7 more characters.  Remember how useful hashtags are?? #yourbusiness #location #event #etc.etc.

4. Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, & Tumblr

By tapping any or all of these, the tab will become highlighted.  If they’re highlighted, it’ll share directly on that social media.

Once everything is filled out, good to go, and you’re ready to share… Tap the “Share” button in blue, located in your top right hand corner!


Your Settings Screen

Aviary actually has some useful options under the Settings section.  Come back tomorrow for more information!

Don’t forget, we love hearing from you!  Leave us questions or comments… Or visit us on Facebook!

*Pictures are screenshot from the Aviary app.  All rights owned by Aviary.

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