Comparing Videos on Vine vs Instagram

What’s better when producing videos, Vine or Instagram?

Instagram recently released a video production feature. Does this mean the amount of Vine app users will slowly diminish?  I’d have to disagree.  There are pros and cons to both video production applications.  This will obviously result in different types of users.  Which application will you use to when captivating your audience?

1. Time

First, let’s address the ads that display before watching a YouTube video. Be honest. Do you eagerly wait to press “skip ad”?  Hold on… You have to sit through at least 5 seconds of a ridiculous lipstick advertisement before viewing Buffalo Bill’s, C.J. Spiller, score a rushing touchdown?? Feel like it takes forever to have 5 seconds go by?  That’s because our time is precious. More often than not, we’ll watch those first five seconds just to hit “skip ad”.  But the 30 second advertisements that you’re forced to watch? Forget it… I’ll put that advertisement on mute, and check my Facebook real quick!  See where I’m goin’ here?

Instagram allots 15 seconds of film time.  Vine limits the video to 6 seconds.  Truth is, you need to limit your message or presentation.  Public’s majority is not setting aside 15 seconds to watch an entire business advertisement.  You need to be fast and captivating, fresh and new.  6 seconds is longer than you think.  It gives you ample opportunities to send effective messages.

We live in a world where everything is within arm’s reach, including: a remote to change the channel when a stodgy commercial comes on; the “skip” button to refrain from watching a content-lacked video; and the mouse to navigate away from a monotonous website.  Business owners need to engage their customers with something short, sweet and to the point. Eh hem, VINE!

When asked to choose between the two, Vine ranked high in comparison to Instagram. Vine’s main attraction: time! Kate Glennon, Vendor Management for Residential Valuation Services at Wells Fargo, indicated she enjoyed using Vine over Instagram because, “[Vine is] short, funny and shocking!”  Vine member, Colleen Hawkins had a similar perspective, articulating Instagram as lengthy and, “my attention span doesn’t last that long.”

Yes! Instagram offers more video time. BE CAREFUL! Our society is looking for quick answers and entertainment! Instagram’s extra time may not be as enticing to your customers, as it may seem to you.

2. Filters

Vine users: Isn’t the world already beautiful enough as it is? Do we really have to trick one another with every single post? Is it not considered contemporary work to simply produce a pure video, without FX filters? The grass really isn’t that green. The sky above my head isn’t that blue. So is the product your advertising really that awesome?  Well…

I have to disagree. I’m giving the gold to Instagram on this one. Filters are fun.Greater amounts of videos containing filters are more appealing. I wish the app would step up its filter game even more! Instagram, can you consider offering more options to your dedicated members? Maybe let us choose and apply your various filters, to every individual segment within our video?

3. Development

Vine offers one of the best options when shooting and developing a video. The GHOST feature! This gives you the ability to set your last shot as the focal point of your next. Additionally, the “loop” component is the gift that keeps on giving! It grants your viewers access to watch the video over and over.

But sorry hipsters and nonconformists… Instagram holds the ultimate option: uploading film from your camera roll. No need to go into detail about the usefulness this function; we all know it’s prestigious.  It gives you the ability to upload old videos, new videos, combine videos, etc.  Props, Instagram!

4. Users & Making the Right Choice

There’s a reason why Vine and Instagram have different types of users! It’s the diverse video types produced from the two applications. These two apps have completely different feels to the final outcome of their produced videos.

Vine wins in sharing. Like Twitter and Facebook (which Vine can share on too), Vine users can “ReVine” posts. Allowing users share other members’ videos on their own page is key. Do you know what that means?! This gives you and your business a chance for more exposure! And members can share your video by email, URL links, and even text message! THAT’S PRETTY NEAT! Hey Instagram, can you do that??

Nope. Instagram doesn’t offer that feature… But why would they think they had to with over 130 million users? Okay, that’s a lot. Plus, Instagram does give you the ability to share on diverse social media, ie: Facebook and Twitter.

Which is better? Truthfully, download and use both applications. The more exposure your business has, especially on different social media, the more results you’ll be rewarded with. If you do not have the time or resources to produce material on both, which one would you choose? Make your decision by reviewing the your options below.


  • 130 million+ users
  • FX filters for your videos
  • Upload original footage shot from your camera roll
  • Share footage on multiple social media
  • 15 seconds of film time


  • Users are a different audience
  • Quick, real time answers with footage
  • Ghost feature
  • Share on more than social media, including emails, text messages, and URLs
  • No trickery with filters
  • “Loop” playing element

How to make better Vine videos: Use a tripod to steady the Image. #VineTip video provided by @origiful on Vine Blog.

Comparing Instagram vs Aviary

What’s better, Instagram or Aviary?

With all the free editing photo applications for your smart phones and tablets, choosing the right one may be difficult.  Since we’ve discussed tutorials on both, Instagram and Aviary, it’s time to weigh the pros and cons!

1. Editing Features

And the winner goes to… AVIARY!

Without a doubt, Aviary outshines Instagram with its variety of editing options.  While Instagram offers a few editing options, Aviary allows you to edit your photo step by step, and in different degrees.  Both apps give you the ability to crop, flip, and rotate.  Additionally, they give you the ability to add borders, blur/focus areas of your picture, and choose from different FX filters.  Besides adding contrast to your photo, that’s really all Instagram has to offer.

On the other hand, Aviary gives you the ability to enhance your picture with the ability to make it HD, illuminate, and even fix colors.  Aviary gives you an “Adjust” option.  This allows you to edit your photos with different features, such as brightness, contrast, warmth, and saturation.  Additionally, each one of these “Adjust” preferences, gives you a sliding bar to change the degree of intensity.  So while Instagram allows you to add contrast, Aviary lets you add contrast and adjust it to the precise amount you desire.  Other features offered by Aviary (and not Instagram) include changing the degree of sharpness in your photo, choosing specific layout ratios, fixing redeyes, whitening teeth, and even the option to rid of blemishes!

Wait, there’s more!!  Aviary has even more features that allow you to add fun to your photo, like the option “Splash”. It’s one of my favorite preferences, and from what I have found, Aviary is the only FREE app that offers this!  This feature allows you to choose where you want color placed on your photo, and keeps the rest of your image black and white!  Learn how to use Splash. Aviary gives you the ability to draw on your photo with different size lines and colors.  You can add text in different sizes and colors, too!  Finally, Aviary gives you the opportunity to make your photo into a meme! Don’t forget to add stickers to your picture in Aviary!!

2. Sharing Tools

It’s close, but Aviary comes out on top again!

Instagram and Aviary give you the ability to share your pictures on your other social media.  Both apps offer sharing capabilities with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr… but that’s where it stops for Instagram!  With just the tap of one button, Aviary actually gives you the option to email your photo to your friends and colleagues.  This is great for those who do not use any type of social media, but still access their email account!

Do you have a photo that you edited with Aviary, but still want to share on Instagram? Don’t worry, Aviary has a share button for your Instagram too!  Did these programmers think of everything, or what!? :)

3. Social Media

Aviary can’t be a champion at everything!  The winner here is INSTAGRAM!

It’s quite simple to explain why Instagram is a better social media than Aviary.  Instagram IS a social media, Aviary is not!  Instagram has been gaining popularity with all generations, and continues to do so.  As of today, Instagram’s stats are as follows: 130 Million monthly active users, 16 Billion photos shared, 1 Billion “likes” a day, 45 Million photos per day. Phew!  That’s a lot!

Remember though, if you are editing a photo solely with Instagram, you have no choice in publishing it.   You cannot simply save your edited photo within your phone’s camera roll.  You have to publish your picture, which makes it public, then Instagram will save it on your phone.

4. Ease of Navigation

Due to the fact that Instagram is a social network, it’s going to be more difficult to navigate.  This is because you have so many more options when setting up your membership profile, looking at other members’ profiles, searching for users and trends, etc.  I must admit, for a social media, Instagram is extremely easy to navigate!  On the other hand, we have to remember we are comparing Instagram to Aviary.  Aviary is not a social media, you have less options (not when it comes to editing photos), so it is less confusing.

My final word, if you want to share your photo on social media download Instagram!  It’s one of the top networking devices!

5. Quirks

The “Apply” option on Aviary, dreadful or useful?  We’ll let you decide…

Within every option on Aviary, there is an “apply” button in the top right hand corner.  What’s up with that?  In Instagram, if you make changes on your photo under one option, then click on another option, it automatically saves those changes!  Aviary, no way…  But let’s look at the glass half full here, when discussing Aviary’s notorious “apply” button:


  • If you do not like the most recent change you edited on your photo, don’t hit the apply!  And it won’t save!
  • Want to make a certain preference extreme on your photo?  For example, contrast.  Add as much contrast as the editing option will let you, and hit “apply”.  Go back into this option, and you can add contrast again, then hit “apply”. You have the ability to do this over, and over, and over…!
  • Just as you can apply different degrees of contrast, brighten, color, etc… You can do the same with any other features: teeth whiten, FX filters, HD, Illuminate, etc.  Seriously, any feature and as much as you want!!  Instagram does no allow you to do this.


  • It can be quite tedious hitting “apply” after every change you make on your photo.
  • The most frustrating downfall of having to hit Aviary’s “apply” button, is when you actually forget to hit “apply”!  It can be pretty annoying if you spend a significant amount of time editing your photo, just to go back to the main editing screen and lose all your hard work you put into it!!
  • The more I use Aviary, the more it becomes a habit of hitting the “apply” button, which could be a beneficial routine when editing photos.  The downfall of getting into this pattern, is hitting “apply” to save changes you may not have wanted.  If this happens, and you’ve made a bundle of other changes you actually like, you’ll have to start all over editing your original photo.

6. Who Gets the Overall Win?

The overall winner goes to the individual that downloads and uses both apps!  Aviary gives you way more editing features.  Instagram is a social network, that Aviary let’s you share your photo on.  So, the ideal solution is to edit your photo with Aviary, then post it on Instagram!  If you only want to edit pictures and keep them offline; the answer is clear.  Only download the Aviary app!  If your desire is to edit and share photos, download both of the applications!  Even though Aviary allows you to post on multiple social media, Instagram is a network used by many!  To share your awesome pictures with the public, you’ll want to post your photos on Instagram!

Instagram: Videos

Since you’re now a pro at everything Instagram has to offer, this is a simple “How-To” tutorial on recording, editing, and sharing your video! NOTE: Instagram just added a video option that allows for you to upload previously recorded videos. So, make sure you  update your app. let’s dive in!

camera * Here’s How to Take Videos with Instagram

1. Launch your Instagram App

2. Click the center camera button (blue)

3. Tap the video camera button, on the bottom right

4. Now, hold the red video camera button when you want to record! You’re granted 15 seconds of film. The small thin line beneath your video will show you approximately how much time you have used, and how much you have left. You can even record multiple clips for one video if you desire!

5. For recording multiple clips in one session- hold to record, and let go! Repeat this process until you have your desired clips. Mess up on a clip? That’s okay! Hit the backspace button with the “X” to delete your last clip. This is located next to your record button. After tapping this button, it will turn red and display a trash can. Click it again if you really want to delete that last clip. You can do this as many times, for as many clips as you have.

6. So, you’re satisfied with your video?! Hit “Next”.

7. Now, choose your filter. That is, if you want one! Hit “Next”.

8. The following step is to choose your cover frame! (This is the still that will appear when your video is not in actual play mode.) Hit “Next.”

9. Finally, share your video, just as you would a photo! CLICK HERE to be refreshed on sharing!

Visit our Facebook page to ask questions or leave comments.  Also, we’d love to see your Instagram pictures and videos, so post away!!

*Picture is a screenshot from the Instagram App.  All rights owned by Instagram.


For those of you who have had Instagram for a while, make sure you always update!  Instagram added the video feature only 2 months ago!  And the app recently changed the settings on the video editing section, so you could actually use old videos.  This is AWESOME!  With that being said, a lot of users are still getting used to this feature.  I know I am!  I actually just made my first video, which is posted below, for this blog.  It was spur of the moment, and not planned.  So just imagine the wonders of this app for your business!

I decided to make my loving father breakfast!  Like I said, the video was unplanned, so the lighting and shots are a little off!  Imagine the fun videos you can make for your business!  Communities love seeing what companies are up to, and this is such a creative way to approach it!

Instagram: Photos

a. Taking or Choosing a Photo

1. Take a photo from Instagram- Easy as one, two, three… seriously! One- launch your Instagram app.  Two- hit the center camera button.  Three- hit the camera button to take your photo!

2. Choose a photo from your personal album- Tap your camera button, and click the bottom left square.  This should be displaying a thumbnail of your most recent photo you took with your phone’s camera.  Choose your picture, then crop it!  Cropping is discussed directly below!

b. Cropping

The only time you have the option to crop a photo is when you are choosing a picture from your personal album.  After choosing the photo from your album, it will automatically take you to the cropping screen.  From here, you can move your photo to fit the cropped box.  You can also zoom in on your photo, how you normally would in any other program.

The only problem I have found with this, are photos that are too big for the cropped area.  I have a temporary solution for this!  If you are interested, comment or message me on our Facebook. I don’t bite, and I’ll respond within 24 hours!  :)

c. Editing Buttons

After you’ve taken your photo, or cropped your existing photo, hit next.  You’re taken to a fun screen that lets you edit your picture!  There are *four editing buttons located above your FX filters.  Listed below are your editing tools (in order from left and right) and how to use them!


1. Rotating & Straightening- Tapping this button will take you to another editing screen.  Here you can straighten your photo, by simply moving the picture with your finger.  Or you can rotate your photo by 90 degrees, per tap, in the bottom left hand corner.

2. Boarders- Your filters each have a unique boarder to them.  To turn the boarder function ON or OFF, just tap this button!  Note:  “Normal” filter (or no filter) does not have access to this feature, and will always be OFF.

3. Water Drop- This button allows you to blur your photo, except for a certain area you may want to emphasize.  The first tap turns on the circle area of importance, another tap will turn this area into a rectangle area, and another tap will turn it back off!  You can make the area of emphasis smaller or larger for both circle area or rectangle area.  To do this, use two fingers to zoom in or out of the photo to make the area larger.

4. Contrast- Tapping this feature will brighten light areas of your photo, and sharpen dark areas.  Unfortunately, you cannot control the degree of contrast.  You can only turn this function ON or OFF.

d. FX Filters

nashville  * It’s time to choose your filter!!  You can use the editing buttons described above, before or after you chose your filter!  For example, you chose the Nashville filter, and decided maybe there was too much contrast, that’s okay!  Just tap your contrast button to turn it off.  All you other changes will remain in contact.

Just remember… whether you have an editing function (from the top row) turned ON or OFF, it will remain the SAME for every filter!  So don’t forget to play around with your editing buttons while choosing a filter!

e. Share Your Photo

YAY!!  You perfected your picture!  Hit the next button on the top screen, and it’ll bring you to your final step: SHARING!  Here are some tips on different sections before adding your photo:

1. Adding a Description- Give a quick bit of information of your photo, like… “Here is Judy, busy at work.”  Next, add hashtags, so other members can search and view this photo.  For example: #Judy #Busy #Work #BusyAtWork

2. Tagging Members in your Description- In your description, type in the @ symbol.  Start to type in the member’s user name or full name to have a list automatically pull up.  From this list, you can scroll through and chose the member you desire to tag.  You can tag Judy, @Judy_Insta or maybe Judy’s friend, @Judy_Friend.

Tip:  It would be an acceptable description to say something along the lines of, “Here’s @Judy_Insta , busy at work!”  TIPS ON TAGS AND HASHTAGS

3. Tagging Members in your photo- simple!  Here’s how to tag Judy in the actual photo.  Tap “Add People” and your picture will pop up!  Tap their face to have a search bar appear.  In the search box start to type in their user name like above, @Judy_Insta, and select their name.  Just click done when you are done tagging everyone!

4. Add it to your Photo Map- Make sure you are comfortable with letting people know where you are, THAT EXACT MOMENT!  For personal accounts, I would not recommend.  Although, it is great for businesses!  Posting a picture of your business or an event your business is having would be a great opportunity to add to your photo map!  This will let others viewing this photo know the location, and even directions to the location if they desire to visit.

5. Share it on other Social Medias- Finally, share your photo on your other social medias.  This includes Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr.  Once your media is highlighted in blue, it will automatically post your photo on the other social media sites you chose!

NOTE: You will have to allow Instagram access to any social account you want to post your photo on.



Now share it with us, on our Facebook!

Check out a before&after of Angee’s patio, mural art by Alexander Derwick.  I  took this photo today on my iPhone, and edited it with Instagram!

BEFORE                                                            &                                                         AFTER!

Picture of Angee's Patio

Angee’s Patio, Olean, NY. Artwork: Alexander Derwick Photo Credits: Kelsey Driscoll

*Pictures of formats and editing buttons are screenshots taken from Instagram’s app.  All rights owned by Instagram.

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