Comparing Videos on Vine vs Instagram

What’s better when producing videos, Vine or Instagram?

Instagram recently released a video production feature. Does this mean the amount of Vine app users will slowly diminish?  I’d have to disagree.  There are pros and cons to both video production applications.  This will obviously result in different types of users.  Which application will you use to when captivating your audience?

1. Time

First, let’s address the ads that display before watching a YouTube video. Be honest. Do you eagerly wait to press “skip ad”?  Hold on… You have to sit through at least 5 seconds of a ridiculous lipstick advertisement before viewing Buffalo Bill’s, C.J. Spiller, score a rushing touchdown?? Feel like it takes forever to have 5 seconds go by?  That’s because our time is precious. More often than not, we’ll watch those first five seconds just to hit “skip ad”.  But the 30 second advertisements that you’re forced to watch? Forget it… I’ll put that advertisement on mute, and check my Facebook real quick!  See where I’m goin’ here?

Instagram allots 15 seconds of film time.  Vine limits the video to 6 seconds.  Truth is, you need to limit your message or presentation.  Public’s majority is not setting aside 15 seconds to watch an entire business advertisement.  You need to be fast and captivating, fresh and new.  6 seconds is longer than you think.  It gives you ample opportunities to send effective messages.

We live in a world where everything is within arm’s reach, including: a remote to change the channel when a stodgy commercial comes on; the “skip” button to refrain from watching a content-lacked video; and the mouse to navigate away from a monotonous website.  Business owners need to engage their customers with something short, sweet and to the point. Eh hem, VINE!

When asked to choose between the two, Vine ranked high in comparison to Instagram. Vine’s main attraction: time! Kate Glennon, Vendor Management for Residential Valuation Services at Wells Fargo, indicated she enjoyed using Vine over Instagram because, “[Vine is] short, funny and shocking!”  Vine member, Colleen Hawkins had a similar perspective, articulating Instagram as lengthy and, “my attention span doesn’t last that long.”

Yes! Instagram offers more video time. BE CAREFUL! Our society is looking for quick answers and entertainment! Instagram’s extra time may not be as enticing to your customers, as it may seem to you.

2. Filters

Vine users: Isn’t the world already beautiful enough as it is? Do we really have to trick one another with every single post? Is it not considered contemporary work to simply produce a pure video, without FX filters? The grass really isn’t that green. The sky above my head isn’t that blue. So is the product your advertising really that awesome?  Well…

I have to disagree. I’m giving the gold to Instagram on this one. Filters are fun.Greater amounts of videos containing filters are more appealing. I wish the app would step up its filter game even more! Instagram, can you consider offering more options to your dedicated members? Maybe let us choose and apply your various filters, to every individual segment within our video?

3. Development

Vine offers one of the best options when shooting and developing a video. The GHOST feature! This gives you the ability to set your last shot as the focal point of your next. Additionally, the “loop” component is the gift that keeps on giving! It grants your viewers access to watch the video over and over.

But sorry hipsters and nonconformists… Instagram holds the ultimate option: uploading film from your camera roll. No need to go into detail about the usefulness this function; we all know it’s prestigious.  It gives you the ability to upload old videos, new videos, combine videos, etc.  Props, Instagram!

4. Users & Making the Right Choice

There’s a reason why Vine and Instagram have different types of users! It’s the diverse video types produced from the two applications. These two apps have completely different feels to the final outcome of their produced videos.

Vine wins in sharing. Like Twitter and Facebook (which Vine can share on too), Vine users can “ReVine” posts. Allowing users share other members’ videos on their own page is key. Do you know what that means?! This gives you and your business a chance for more exposure! And members can share your video by email, URL links, and even text message! THAT’S PRETTY NEAT! Hey Instagram, can you do that??

Nope. Instagram doesn’t offer that feature… But why would they think they had to with over 130 million users? Okay, that’s a lot. Plus, Instagram does give you the ability to share on diverse social media, ie: Facebook and Twitter.

Which is better? Truthfully, download and use both applications. The more exposure your business has, especially on different social media, the more results you’ll be rewarded with. If you do not have the time or resources to produce material on both, which one would you choose? Make your decision by reviewing the your options below.


  • 130 million+ users
  • FX filters for your videos
  • Upload original footage shot from your camera roll
  • Share footage on multiple social media
  • 15 seconds of film time


  • Users are a different audience
  • Quick, real time answers with footage
  • Ghost feature
  • Share on more than social media, including emails, text messages, and URLs
  • No trickery with filters
  • “Loop” playing element

How to make better Vine videos: Use a tripod to steady the Image. #VineTip video provided by @origiful on Vine Blog.

Your Business on Vine

Try putting your business on Vine!  It’s a great smartphone app that has a lot to offer!  Below is featured Armond’s Fashions in Olean, NY.  We uploaded it by YouTube, so it will not “loop” when it plays.  When you post on the Vine app it will show as a loop.  Additionally, if you share it on your Facebook or Twitter through the Vine app, it will loop on these social media as well.

Leave us comments or questions you have on Vine below, or message us on Facebook!



Suits at Armond’s Fashions: Olean, NY

Regular fit!  Slim fit! Big & Tall!  36 Short to 60 Long!  This is the “IT” grey suit for the season!  Prices starting at just $145 & “tailored” for free!


Here are some tips I learned on using Vine for a video like this.  Remember, this was the first time I used this app in this fashion.  I found it quite simple, easy to use!  So I know you would be able to use this app too!!

Tip 1: Floyd, the mannequin, insisted on falling over a few times!  (He was getting restless from all of the modeling.)  After taking a few plunges, it was difficult to find the place where he was originally standing.  Later, it was suggested to place a few pieces of tape on the ground, to align him in the same spot!

Tip 2: The taping idea was not only great for Floyd, but I’d recommend it for the photographer as well!  This way, you can be standing/sitting in the same spot when you continue to take the photos and videos.

Tip 3: Plan ahead!  It makes things go smoother if you know what message you want to get across before hand.

Tip 4: Tell a story!  Be creative, or goofy.  Have a tutorial and share information with others!

Tip 5: Highlight the strengths of your business.  Go ahead and set yourself apart from other companies.  Your business is unique, let it shine!!

Vine’s Camera Features

You’ve made it this far, no turning back!  Let’s hop right into the features that the Vine camera has to offer.  Make sure you are on your “Home” page, then tap the camera button in the top right hand corner!  You will be taken to a screen to record your video, with a few extra buttons*, located below.


1. Camera Flip- This feature switches which camera you use, either the front or back.

2. Grid- If you happened to have read or skimmed through our Instagram section, you may have read about the grid feature.  It really is just a grid you can turn on and off!  But it is quite helpful if you are trying to center an item, make sure your video is being taped straight, etc.

3. Focus- by tapping this button, you will enable the focusing tool.  Once you have this editing feature enabled, just tap the item on your screen that you want to focus in on.  It will make everything within the same level visible.  The rest of the items will be out of focus.  This typically happens whether you want it to or not for most camera apps.  Although, having this feature allows you to focus on exactly what you want!

4. Ghost- this is the coolest feature that Vine has to offer!  By pressing this button, it enables a “ghost-like” or shadow from where your previous clip ended.  This is great for wanting to change only one or two things in your video.  Check out the section on putting your business on Vine, where we used Armond’s as an example!  I’ll also give you a few tips from my own learning experience!

But how do you actually record!?  Just tap the actual scene you are viewing on your smartphone.  Hold it down for as long as you want a certain clip to last. Then as soon as you release it, it will stop recording!  Continue to do this until you used up all of your time allotted… or whenever you are satisfied with you clip!  Then, hit the arrow pointing to your right (in the right hand corner) to write a caption for your video.  Choose whether you share this video with your Facebook or Twitter account.  And then, voilà!! You’ve finished your Vine video!


*Photo was a screenshot taken from the Vine app.  All rights are owned by Vine.

Vine Friends!

So, your profile is set up?  Let’s find some friends for you to follow!  Majority of people you ask to follow will accept your invitation, and follow you in return.  I would recommend starting with people you know first.  ;)   It’s okay to allow “strangers” to follow your  business account.  Just make sure you do not have any personal information about yourself!  Here’s a quick and easy way to add friends!

1. Click the down arrow on the top right of your screen, and hit “Profile.”

2. From your profile page, click the top right button.  It looks like two people!

3.  Then you are taken to a screen which should have three options, pictured below*:


The “@” symbol allows for you to find friends from your personal address book.  The bird it the Twitter icon.  This lets you browse through your twitter friends that also have a Vine profile.  Finally, the last icon is the magnifying glass.  After tapping this icon, you have three options that appear below*:


You can search for people that are already on Vine, by looking up their user name. You can also invite your friends via text or email. After tapping the “Invite via text” option, your message screen will appear with a message and link. All you have to do is add the friends you want to invite! “Invite via email” works the same way. Note: Inviting friends through email will only work if your email is synced on your phone.

Don’t be shy!  Leave us questions or comments below.  Or send us a message on our Facebook!

*Pictures are screenshots on the Vine app.  All rights are owned by Vine.

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