Comparing Instagram vs Aviary

What’s better, Instagram or Aviary?

With all the free editing photo applications for your smart phones and tablets, choosing the right one may be difficult.  Since we’ve discussed tutorials on both, Instagram and Aviary, it’s time to weigh the pros and cons!

1. Editing Features

And the winner goes to… AVIARY!

Without a doubt, Aviary outshines Instagram with its variety of editing options.  While Instagram offers a few editing options, Aviary allows you to edit your photo step by step, and in different degrees.  Both apps give you the ability to crop, flip, and rotate.  Additionally, they give you the ability to add borders, blur/focus areas of your picture, and choose from different FX filters.  Besides adding contrast to your photo, that’s really all Instagram has to offer.

On the other hand, Aviary gives you the ability to enhance your picture with the ability to make it HD, illuminate, and even fix colors.  Aviary gives you an “Adjust” option.  This allows you to edit your photos with different features, such as brightness, contrast, warmth, and saturation.  Additionally, each one of these “Adjust” preferences, gives you a sliding bar to change the degree of intensity.  So while Instagram allows you to add contrast, Aviary lets you add contrast and adjust it to the precise amount you desire.  Other features offered by Aviary (and not Instagram) include changing the degree of sharpness in your photo, choosing specific layout ratios, fixing redeyes, whitening teeth, and even the option to rid of blemishes!

Wait, there’s more!!  Aviary has even more features that allow you to add fun to your photo, like the option “Splash”. It’s one of my favorite preferences, and from what I have found, Aviary is the only FREE app that offers this!  This feature allows you to choose where you want color placed on your photo, and keeps the rest of your image black and white!  Learn how to use Splash. Aviary gives you the ability to draw on your photo with different size lines and colors.  You can add text in different sizes and colors, too!  Finally, Aviary gives you the opportunity to make your photo into a meme! Don’t forget to add stickers to your picture in Aviary!!

2. Sharing Tools

It’s close, but Aviary comes out on top again!

Instagram and Aviary give you the ability to share your pictures on your other social media.  Both apps offer sharing capabilities with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr… but that’s where it stops for Instagram!  With just the tap of one button, Aviary actually gives you the option to email your photo to your friends and colleagues.  This is great for those who do not use any type of social media, but still access their email account!

Do you have a photo that you edited with Aviary, but still want to share on Instagram? Don’t worry, Aviary has a share button for your Instagram too!  Did these programmers think of everything, or what!? :)

3. Social Media

Aviary can’t be a champion at everything!  The winner here is INSTAGRAM!

It’s quite simple to explain why Instagram is a better social media than Aviary.  Instagram IS a social media, Aviary is not!  Instagram has been gaining popularity with all generations, and continues to do so.  As of today, Instagram’s stats are as follows: 130 Million monthly active users, 16 Billion photos shared, 1 Billion “likes” a day, 45 Million photos per day. Phew!  That’s a lot!

Remember though, if you are editing a photo solely with Instagram, you have no choice in publishing it.   You cannot simply save your edited photo within your phone’s camera roll.  You have to publish your picture, which makes it public, then Instagram will save it on your phone.

4. Ease of Navigation

Due to the fact that Instagram is a social network, it’s going to be more difficult to navigate.  This is because you have so many more options when setting up your membership profile, looking at other members’ profiles, searching for users and trends, etc.  I must admit, for a social media, Instagram is extremely easy to navigate!  On the other hand, we have to remember we are comparing Instagram to Aviary.  Aviary is not a social media, you have less options (not when it comes to editing photos), so it is less confusing.

My final word, if you want to share your photo on social media download Instagram!  It’s one of the top networking devices!

5. Quirks

The “Apply” option on Aviary, dreadful or useful?  We’ll let you decide…

Within every option on Aviary, there is an “apply” button in the top right hand corner.  What’s up with that?  In Instagram, if you make changes on your photo under one option, then click on another option, it automatically saves those changes!  Aviary, no way…  But let’s look at the glass half full here, when discussing Aviary’s notorious “apply” button:


  • If you do not like the most recent change you edited on your photo, don’t hit the apply!  And it won’t save!
  • Want to make a certain preference extreme on your photo?  For example, contrast.  Add as much contrast as the editing option will let you, and hit “apply”.  Go back into this option, and you can add contrast again, then hit “apply”. You have the ability to do this over, and over, and over…!
  • Just as you can apply different degrees of contrast, brighten, color, etc… You can do the same with any other features: teeth whiten, FX filters, HD, Illuminate, etc.  Seriously, any feature and as much as you want!!  Instagram does no allow you to do this.


  • It can be quite tedious hitting “apply” after every change you make on your photo.
  • The most frustrating downfall of having to hit Aviary’s “apply” button, is when you actually forget to hit “apply”!  It can be pretty annoying if you spend a significant amount of time editing your photo, just to go back to the main editing screen and lose all your hard work you put into it!!
  • The more I use Aviary, the more it becomes a habit of hitting the “apply” button, which could be a beneficial routine when editing photos.  The downfall of getting into this pattern, is hitting “apply” to save changes you may not have wanted.  If this happens, and you’ve made a bundle of other changes you actually like, you’ll have to start all over editing your original photo.

6. Who Gets the Overall Win?

The overall winner goes to the individual that downloads and uses both apps!  Aviary gives you way more editing features.  Instagram is a social network, that Aviary let’s you share your photo on.  So, the ideal solution is to edit your photo with Aviary, then post it on Instagram!  If you only want to edit pictures and keep them offline; the answer is clear.  Only download the Aviary app!  If your desire is to edit and share photos, download both of the applications!  Even though Aviary allows you to post on multiple social media, Instagram is a network used by many!  To share your awesome pictures with the public, you’ll want to post your photos on Instagram!

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