Editing Photos on Aviary, Part III

Editing Photos on Aviary, Part III

We hope you had a great Labor Day weekend!  We’re excited you came back to learn more on Aviary’s editing features!  The next four options are pictured below*, so let’s get to it!

Day 3 Aviary editing features


1. Sharpness

The sharpness feature is easy and simple to use.  You can modify this option the same way you worked with the “Adjust” option. After opening this feature, drag the white circle to the left or right.  The further left you go, the natural outlines within your photo will start to become less apparent.  Sometimes, if you drag the circle all the way to the left, your photo may even become blurry.  As you would expect, the further you drag the white circle to the right, the sharper your image will appear.  It will pull out more outlines of shapes/lines/spots/etc. within your photo.  Once you are satisfied, hit apply!

2. Splash

This is the coolest feature on Aviary!  When you open this option, you will notice your photo has now turned completely black & white.  Don’t fret!  This option lets you “color in” the areas you want to display color, while leaving the rest of your photo black and white.  You’ll have three options to use, within Splash.

  • Free Color- With Free Color, wherever you touch the photo, that area will now be in color.
  • Smart Color- Smart color will try to distinguish where you do or do not want color within the area you are tapping.  Unfortunately, this feature does not work as well as I would like it to.
  • Eraser- Finally, the eraser option will “erase” color from an area if you made a mistake.

Also, there will be a magnifying glass located in the bottom right hand of your picture.  Tap this to zoom in and move around.  This will help you with finer details in certain pictures.  Just make sure that once you’re zoomed in on the spot you want, tap the magnifying glass again, and choose one of the three options above to edit your photo.

3. Draw

You can draw on your photo by tapping on this button!  It gives you a range of sizes and colors to use within this option. Don’t worry if you make a mistake! You can either erase something you drew with the “eraser” under this option.  Or exit the draw screen all together, without hitting apply, to have the picture appear how it did before you opened the draw feature.  Again, you will have the magnifying glass on the bottom right hand side of your picture.  Use this feature to zoom into your photo, to add great detail.

4. Text

The last option we will be discussing today is the Text feature.  If you want to add text to your photo, tap this button.  When the screen opens, you will be asked to type in the text you want to appear on your picture.  Hit “Finished” after completing your desired text.  You can now choose from an array of colors to apply to the wording you have entered.  You have the ability to move the box, in which you typed in, any where on your photo.

Furthermore, there will be a white arrow located at the bottom of the text box, too.  This arrow can be used for two different options.  First, you can push or pull the arrow to and away from the text box.  If you push the arrow towards your words, this will make the lettering smaller.  Pulling the arrow away from the box, will make your text bigger!!  Second, you have the ability to tilt and rotate the message on your photo… Just hold onto the arrow button, and  drag your finger in a clockwise or counter clockwise motion.  You can tilt, or completely turn your words upside down by doing this!

Questions?  Comments?  Leave ‘em below!  Message us on Facebook!

*Above photo is a screenshot taken from the Aviary app.  All rights are owned by Aviary.

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