Editing Photos on Aviary, Part IV

Editing Photos on Aviary, Part IV

We’re down to discussing the last four editing buttons (located below*) that Aviary has to offer!

Day 4 Aviary Editing Features


The editing features of Redeye, Whiten, and Blemish edit in the same way.  The way to use these features are described under the Redeye section.

1. Redeye

This option allows you to fix “red eyes” in your picture.  Red eyes typically appear in photos as a result of the flash being too close to the camera lens, and dim lighting. After opening this feature (same with Whiten and Blemish), you will have a selection of different sized circles.  Try to choose the correct size for the eye(s) you are trying to fix.  If the circles are too big for the eye(s) you are trying to fix, you have the ability to zoom in with the magnifying glass located in the right hand corner of the picture.  This will make your eye(s) bigger and give you the ability to use some of the circles!

2. Whiten

Whiten works exactly the same as Redeye, only Whiten is for teeth!

3. Blemish

Again, the Blemish feature works like the two editing options listed above.  This preference allows you to “air brush” areas within your photo.  For example, if someone has a blemish on their face, that they do not want to show in the picture, you can use this feature to cover it up!  It will mix/blend in the surrounding colors, wherever you tap within your photo.  This can work for almost anything! I’ve even used it to cover up spills/stains that are distinctive on T-shirts, pants, etc.

4. Meme

Meme’s are the pictures, that typically have the white wording on the top and bottom of the photo.  They are usually funny remarks about the picture, just to give your audience a little laugh!  This feature is simple to use.  Tap the two boxes, either labeled top or bottom, and add the captions you desire for the top and bottom!  They will automatically use the “typical meme” font, size, color, and center it.  This is how all memes are to be displayed.  If you do not like the look of your caption, remember you can always add regular text to your photo!


Thanks for reading!  Let us know what application for your phone you want to learn about!  Comment below, or visit our Facebook.

*Photo above is a screenshot taken within the Aviary app.  All rights belong to Aviary.

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