Editing Photos on Aviary, Part III

We hope you had a great Labor Day weekend!  We’re excited you came back to learn more on Aviary’s editing features!  The next four options are pictured below*, so let’s get to it!

Day 3 Aviary editing features


1. Sharpness

The sharpness feature is easy and simple to use.  You can modify this option the same way you worked with the “Adjust” option. After opening this feature, drag the white circle to the left or right.  The further left you go, the natural outlines within your photo will start to become less apparent.  Sometimes, if you drag the circle all the way to the left, your photo may even become blurry.  As you would expect, the further you drag the white circle to the right, the sharper your image will appear.  It will pull out more outlines of shapes/lines/spots/etc. within your photo.  Once you are satisfied, hit apply!

2. Splash

This is the coolest feature on Aviary!  When you open this option, you will notice your photo has now turned completely black & white.  Don’t fret!  This option lets you “color in” the areas you want to display color, while leaving the rest of your photo black and white.  You’ll have three options to use, within Splash.

  • Free Color- With Free Color, wherever you touch the photo, that area will now be in color.
  • Smart Color- Smart color will try to distinguish where you do or do not want color within the area you are tapping.  Unfortunately, this feature does not work as well as I would like it to.
  • Eraser- Finally, the eraser option will “erase” color from an area if you made a mistake.

Also, there will be a magnifying glass located in the bottom right hand of your picture.  Tap this to zoom in and move around.  This will help you with finer details in certain pictures.  Just make sure that once you’re zoomed in on the spot you want, tap the magnifying glass again, and choose one of the three options above to edit your photo.

3. Draw

You can draw on your photo by tapping on this button!  It gives you a range of sizes and colors to use within this option. Don’t worry if you make a mistake! You can either erase something you drew with the “eraser” under this option.  Or exit the draw screen all together, without hitting apply, to have the picture appear how it did before you opened the draw feature.  Again, you will have the magnifying glass on the bottom right hand side of your picture.  Use this feature to zoom into your photo, to add great detail.

4. Text

The last option we will be discussing today is the Text feature.  If you want to add text to your photo, tap this button.  When the screen opens, you will be asked to type in the text you want to appear on your picture.  Hit “Finished” after completing your desired text.  You can now choose from an array of colors to apply to the wording you have entered.  You have the ability to move the box, in which you typed in, any where on your photo.

Furthermore, there will be a white arrow located at the bottom of the text box, too.  This arrow can be used for two different options.  First, you can push or pull the arrow to and away from the text box.  If you push the arrow towards your words, this will make the lettering smaller.  Pulling the arrow away from the box, will make your text bigger!!  Second, you have the ability to tilt and rotate the message on your photo… Just hold onto the arrow button, and  drag your finger in a clockwise or counter clockwise motion.  You can tilt, or completely turn your words upside down by doing this!

Questions?  Comments?  Leave ‘em below!  Message us on Facebook!

*Above photo is a screenshot taken from the Aviary app.  All rights are owned by Aviary.

Editing Photos on Aviary, Part II

Welcome back!  Let’s jump into the next few editing features on Aviary.  Below is a picture* of the next four editing items we’ll discuss!

Editing Buttons

Day 2 Aviary editing features

1. Orientation

This feature lets you rotate, flip, and even skew your photo.  You can rotate your photo by 90 degrees, each tap, to the left or to the right.  You can also flip your photo from top to bottom or left to right, again just one tap for each.  You can adjust the angles of your photo by dragging the circle with two diverted arrows, from left to right.  This feature is also a feature I have not used on any other app, except Aviary!

2. Focus

Tap on the focus feature!  This allows you to focus on a certain area on your picture, and it will blur everything else out.  You can zoom in and out with this feature.  This allows you to choose how large/small your focus area is, and how small/large your blurred area is.  Additionally, Aviary gives you the option to choose which shape focus you have: circle or square.  After you are satified, make sure you hit apply!

3. Crop

This is a great cropping tool.  Definitely the best I have seen on a free photo app!  It allows you to make a custom crop or a square crop.  The custom crop lets you make it any size and shape.  The square crop, will stay in the shape of a perfect square.  They even have ratios/dimensions that are PERFECT for printing pictures!  The ratios that are available in Aviary are 3:4, 4:6, 5:7, 8:10, and 9:16.  Zoom in and out, chose the crop size you want, and hit apply!!

4. Adjust*

aviary part 2- adjust 1

aviary bright*Brightness- The white circle above will always be centered when you first tap on the brightness option.  Move the circle to darken (to left) or to brighten (to right) to adjust this preference.  Always remember to hit apply!  Then you can even take it another step further and “re-darken” or “re-brighten” your photo.


aviary contrast*Contrast- Use the white circle again to adjust your contrast after tapping on this feature.  Move the circle to the left, to make your image less sharp, or move it to the right to sharpen the features in your image!


aviary warmth*Warmth- This feature is adjusted just like the ones above!  If you move the circle to the left, your picture will start to pull out the green and blue hues.  It’ll display a nice “cool” feeling on your photo.  If you move the circle to the right, your picture will display a more “warm” feeling, by pulling out the red and orange tones in your image.

aviary saturation*Color- Adjust this feature like you would the others.  If you move the circle to the left, you’ll find the colors will start to be pulled from your picture.  If you move it all the way to the left, your photo will become completely black and white.  Moving the circle to the right will display move vibrant colors on your photo.  Sometimes, I find if moving the circle all the way to the right on this feature, the picture can look a little funky.  It all depends on the look you are trying to accomplish though!

*Pictures are screenshots from the Aviary app.  All rights belong to Aviary.


Editing Photos on Aviary, Part I

Go ahead and choose a photo you want to edit!  If you forgot how to select your photo, click here.  I’m going to discuss the first four editing buttons within Aviary’s photo app, pictured below.*

Editing Buttons

First Four Editing Buttons on Aviary

1. Enhance

Tapping the enhance button takes you to a screen with few different options.  If you tap on one of three options, make sure you hit “apply” to save the changes.  You can only apply one of these three options at a time.  Although, you can reopen the enhance section to apply a second and/or third.  Let’s review exactly what these enhanced features are:

a. Hi-Def- Tap on the Hi-Def, or HD, button.  You will notice your picture has more resolution.  In short, this button does the same thing that Hi-Def T.V.’s do… Your picture will be more “crisp” and show more detail.

b. Illuminate- Tapping on this button will do exactly what it says!  This will brighten your picture.  This is such a helpful tool, especially if you have a photo that is just a tad too dark!  I know I have had that happen to me a few times, but when I use the flash on my camera, the picture comes out too bright!  So, we’re either stuck with too dark of a photo, or too light of a photo.  Well, not anymore!  Here’s the solution to all of our problems.  :)

c. Color Fix- By tapping this button, you will “fix” the colors of the photo.  What this really means, is it will balance out items such as saturation, warmth, brightness, contrast, etc.  If you have applied the illuminate button, or any other editing items, this may interfere with the look you were going for.  Or, it may be exactly what you were going for!

2. Effects

Aviary's KeyLime FXThese effects are similar to those in Instagram, click here to refresh yourself on the Instagram effects.  In addition to Instagram showing you the effect on the same default picture every time… Aviary actually displays a mini picture with the photo you are editing with the effect on it!!  (ie. to left, is a picture of my turtle with the Keylime effect* on my photo)  Choosing a filter is my favorite part of editing my photo!  Sometimes the names of the filters, suit the colors in the photo perfectly.  BUT… Remember, you do not have to apply any of these filters.  Sometimes a photo can look best without a filter. Dive in, see if you want one, and apply!  What is so unique about Aviary, is the fact you can apply an FX filter, and it will take you back to the main editing screen.  Then, you can go back in and apply another filter over the one you just applied.  This is fun, unique, and dangerous!!  Just remember, once you hit “apply”  there’s no going back! You’ll have to start over with your original photo… Which can be frustrating!


In this section you can pick out different frames for your photo, only if you want!  I think choosing the right frame for a picture you are printing out, can make it look really cool.  You can choose whether or not to add a frame each time, on every photo you edit.  Don’t forget to hit “apply” if you find a frame you like!

4. Stickers

The stickers that come free with the program are fun to add onto a photo!  These are especially useful if you are trying to make a funny or whacky image to capture your audience!

Come back tomorrow to see our tutorial on the next four editing buttons!  Leave us comments or questions!  Check out my first edits on a personal picture of the before and afters and step-by-step editing process I used below!

*Pictures above are screenshots from within the Aviary app.  All rights belong to Aviary.

Giraffe Compare Day 1








The photo the left is a before and after picture of the photo I edited with the four first editing features on the Aviary App. The photo gallery below displays the step by step process I used to accomplish the final outcome.




Settings on Aviary

Today’s tutorial is simple, sweet, and pretty useful!  If you want to learn a few tid-bits about your Aviary app, you came to the right place.  Let’s go for it!  Open your Aviary app, and tap the settings screen from your home page.



Displayed to the right, is a screenshot photo* of the top half of your settings screen.  Let’s discuss you’re options, and what you can accomplish!

1. Tool Order

This option is pretty neat.  It actually lets you customize your Aviary settings.  I have yet to come across another program that can do this!  The Tool Order option is referring to the “tools” or features you have to edit your pictures.  Here’s how to use your Tool Order option…

Tap the Tool Order button.  You will see a list of all your active tools, then disabled tools.  If you have never accessed this setting, all of your tools should be active.  Now, click the edit button.  The option to “delete” (disable) any or all of your tools is available.  Also, while you are still in the “edit” option, you can move your tools around; display your tools in the order you want to see them!  Once you become more involved and accustomed to your Aviary app, this could be a fun and helpful feature!

2. Max Save Size

This option allows you to choose which type of picture you automatically want saved to your phone.  This is great to keep in mind, for when you want the different options!  I’ve listed them for you below, so you can get a feel of your different picture saving options.  Remember, you can always change it picture by picture.

  • Normal- this saves up to 3 megapixels.  It’s really the most basic you can have.  It should be used for items such as basic sharing or the ability to save quickly.
  • Large- this saves up to 5 megapixels.  It’s the save size recommended by Aviary, which they describe as “best for everyday use.”
  • Maximum- this saves up to 12 megapixels, and really maintains the detail in the picture. Unfortunately, it will take up more storage on your phone.  Although, I’d recommend this size if you wanted to print a picture out!
3. Accounts

By tapping on the accounts button, you are taken to a screen that displays different social media.  Aviary lists Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Tumblr for you to sync your account with.  You will have to have these apps already downloaded on your smartphone to configure them with Aviary.  This is a great option, and I would suggest using it!  You will be able to pick and choose which accounts to share each photo with that you edit.  You do not have to share the photo with anyone if you do not wish to!

4. Sharing Screen

The last button is the sharing screen.  After editing a picture, you have the ability to choose whether or not to share your picture (with the social media listed under the Accounts section).  You will always be asked to share your photo, unless you turn this option off.

App Store

1. Rate us in the App Store!

If you continue to scroll down in your options settings, you will see more buttons!  The first one is Aviary asking you to “rate them.”  Do not ever feel obligated to rate an application… But if you really like/dislike the application or something particular, share your information with others!  Companies enjoy getting feedback!  It lets them know what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong, and how to make changes to please their consumers!

2. More great photo Apps

We tapped this button and then checked out the other applications Aviary suggested.  It listed apps like Flickr, Halftone, Muzy, Pic Collage, Trip Color, and more.  If you want us to check any of them out, and even help you by posting information on them, let us know!  Comment below!


1. Help/Support

If you need additional help or support you can always tap this button.  Or… message us on our Facebook, and we can help you too! ;)

2. Developers get this editor!

This is the last option available under your settings.  When you tap this button it will ask to open your web browsers, to redirect you to a website online.  From here, the Aviary app just suggests to use the Aviary iOS!

*Picture is a screenshot of the Aviary app.  All rights belong to Aviary.

Check out Aviary!!

Aviary is another photo app for your smartphone that we highly recommend checking out!  It’s easy to use, really fun, and makes your pictures pop just the way you want them!!  After you download the Aviary app, read below.  We’re here to help you navigate around your home screen and share screen in Aviary.

Your Home Screen

Screen Shot Aviary's Home Page

To the right, you will see a picture of what your home screen* should look like!  The three buttons on the bottom are listed below.

1. Camera

Tap your camera button.  You’ll then be able to take a picture directly within the Aviary app!  This camera will work just like the one that came with your smartphone. You have the ability to focus, turn your flash on/off/auto, and flip between which camera view you use (front of your phone or back of your phone).

I would only recommend using this feature if you have your Aviary app open and you want to take a picture IMMEDIATELY.  Otherwise, using the camera that came with your phone will give you a lot more options.

2. Edit This Photo

This option is what Aviary’s home screen will automatically display.  It shows your latest photo in your camera roll (mine being the scenic view with the fence).  You can swipe left to right to view other photos in your camera roll.  Then click the “edit this photo” button after you decide what photo you want to edit!  (We’ll post more about editing photos on Wednesday.)

3. Albums

If you have different albums on your phone, this allows you to switch between the different ones to find the photo you are looking for.


Your Share Screen

AviaryShareScreenThe screenshot* to our left, is the screen that appears if you decide to share your picture!  FYI: If you hit the “share” button before you actually edit your photo, it will share the unedited version. Let’s work our way through the buttons!

1. Instagram

Pat yourself on the back for reading our Instagram tutorials!!  Now, if you tap on the Instagram button, you’ll be able to further your editing in Instagram.  (That is if you want to)… Or just post it how it is!  This option will only work if you have the Instagram app downloaded.

2. Email

Just tap the email button.  It’ll pull up an email message containing your photo, and you can personalize your message.  Then just add your recipients and send, send, send!  Note:  This option will not work if you do not have your email account synced with your phone.

3. Share this photo

You can tap inside this section and actually write a nice little description about your photo! You have a limit of 120 characters.  You can remove the #Aviary to gain 7 more characters.  Remember how useful hashtags are?? #yourbusiness #location #event #etc.etc.

4. Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, & Tumblr

By tapping any or all of these, the tab will become highlighted.  If they’re highlighted, it’ll share directly on that social media.

Once everything is filled out, good to go, and you’re ready to share… Tap the “Share” button in blue, located in your top right hand corner!


Your Settings Screen

Aviary actually has some useful options under the Settings section.  Come back tomorrow for more information!

Don’t forget, we love hearing from you!  Leave us questions or comments… Or visit us on Facebook!

*Pictures are screenshot from the Aviary app.  All rights owned by Aviary.

Your Business on Vine

Try putting your business on Vine!  It’s a great smartphone app that has a lot to offer!  Below is featured Armond’s Fashions in Olean, NY.  We uploaded it by YouTube, so it will not “loop” when it plays.  When you post on the Vine app it will show as a loop.  Additionally, if you share it on your Facebook or Twitter through the Vine app, it will loop on these social media as well.

Leave us comments or questions you have on Vine below, or message us on Facebook!



Suits at Armond’s Fashions: Olean, NY

Regular fit!  Slim fit! Big & Tall!  36 Short to 60 Long!  This is the “IT” grey suit for the season!  Prices starting at just $145 & “tailored” for free!


Here are some tips I learned on using Vine for a video like this.  Remember, this was the first time I used this app in this fashion.  I found it quite simple, easy to use!  So I know you would be able to use this app too!!

Tip 1: Floyd, the mannequin, insisted on falling over a few times!  (He was getting restless from all of the modeling.)  After taking a few plunges, it was difficult to find the place where he was originally standing.  Later, it was suggested to place a few pieces of tape on the ground, to align him in the same spot!

Tip 2: The taping idea was not only great for Floyd, but I’d recommend it for the photographer as well!  This way, you can be standing/sitting in the same spot when you continue to take the photos and videos.

Tip 3: Plan ahead!  It makes things go smoother if you know what message you want to get across before hand.

Tip 4: Tell a story!  Be creative, or goofy.  Have a tutorial and share information with others!

Tip 5: Highlight the strengths of your business.  Go ahead and set yourself apart from other companies.  Your business is unique, let it shine!!

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