Pic Stitch: A Few More Features

Pic Stitch: A Few More Features

Here’s a few more helpful hints to using Pic Stitch!

1. Layout

Pic Stitch Layout Option


Choose the right layout for your collage!  Pic Stitch will align your photos properly, after choosing the new layout!  You have the ability to choose 1 x 1 (Square) 4 x 6 or 6 x 4 (Most common picture size used).  Pic Stitch offers the above listed layout sizes and more! This is great because you can print you collage out, and have it fill the entire size of your printed picture!  You can also send collages from your Pic Stitch app, straight to Walgreen’s to be printed!  We’ll discuss that feature under the exporting section.
*Picture above is a screenshot taken from the Pic Stitch application.


2. Color

Pic Stitch Color Option


Pic Stitch gives you the ability to change the color of each picture, one by one!  This is helpful when you’re short on time and cannot use the Aviary editor.  There are only three options offered by Pic Stitch in the color section.  The first one brightens your picture.  The second color option, basically makes your photo have a sepia feel.  Finally the last color option, simply changes your picture to black and white.  So, if you’re in a hurry, but still want your pictures to have a different feel within your collage, I recommend using the color option!
*Picture above is a screenshot taken from the Pic Stitch application.

3. Export

Pic Stitch gives you the ability to export your collage to different types of social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Path.  Additionally, you can email your picture to anyone and everyone! Or simply save it to your person photo album on your phone and message it to your friends and colleagues! But the coolest feature is the ability to send it  to your local Walgreen’s, to have them print it out!

Yesterday, I went on a bike ride.  I took a picture of the mountains, then edited the same picture two different times with Aviary.  Below, I have used Pic Stitch to compare the two different edits I have made!!  Enjoy!

Pic Stitch

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