Pic Stitch: Tips to Collage Production

Pic Stitch: Tips to Collage Production

We want to share with you some awesome features and tips on the free app, Pic Stitch!  Check out the collage we made after visiting our local SPCA!  The Cattaraugus County SPCA has a variety of adoptable cats and dogs, all looking for a home!  Here are some that are waiting for you TODAY!

Adopt us!  At the Cattaraugus County SPCA!

Adopt us! At the Cattaraugus County SPCA!

Choosing a Layout

When you first open Pic Stitch, you have over 70 layouts to choose from!  So, if you have pictures in mind that you want to use pick out the layout you believe would fit best.  If you’re unsure or do not know which picture you will use yet, just pick a random one!  One of the benefits of Pic Stitch is the ability to change layouts, without losing your pictures you’ve been working on!  In addition, you can always swap out pictures if you decide one may be better than the other!

Adding & Manipulating Pictures

Once you have chosen your layout, add some pictures!!  Double tap on a single frame within your layout to have the option of choosing a picture from your camera roll, taking a picture with your phone’s camera, grab a picture from Facebook, or even import one from Dropbox!

After choosing a picture for one frame, the Aviary editor will show up and allow you to edit your picture!  Click here to read our tutorials on how to use the Aviary Editor.  Edit your picture in Aviary, and click “done” when you are finished.  You will now see your edited photo in the selected frame.

Place and hold one finger on this frame.  You will notice a screen pop up, like below.  (We were editing a picture of an adoptable cat at the Cattaraugus County SPCA.)  Once you are in this screen, it’s easier to zoom in and out of your picture.  It also lets you move your picture within the frame, so it displays your photo exactly how you want it to be.  Single tap to exit this screen, once you are satisfied!

SPCA Adoptable

“I’m currently waiting for a loving home at the Cattaraugus County SPCA” -Don Juan

Come back tomorrow to learn about the different aspects and colors Pic Stitch has to offer!  We’ll also inform you on how to export a newly made collage!

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